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Marks use “design adaptation” to help scale brands. Mind-bendingly efficient, this provides brand consistency at every channel, through every medium, in every territory. It’s a new design agency model, created for a globalised world and a sniper shot at the industry status quo.

Our brief was twofold: develop and integrate Marks’ sales processes in line with newly acquired parent company requirements, and augment and clarify their core message. The ultimate goal was to position Marks as the most effective partner for delivering strategic creative platforms globally, at speed, efficiently and without compromising creativity.

First, we worked closely with their Belfast, Birmingham and London offices, managing a series of on-site planning workshops. This enabled the development of proposition language and visual assets that would communicate the benefits of Design Adaptation to new audiences.

Next, we developed two core campaigns designed to target two specific prospect types independently. The first, smaller businesses positioned for international expansion but requiring intelligent, simple design frameworks to aid that growth. The second, some of the world’s largest consumer brands, working to global marketing procurement directives around system efficiency.

Then, we implemented the tools and processes required to activate ongoing sales campaigns, establishing a formal infrastructure for data management, email marketing, content distribution and opportunity management. Leveraging a combination of existing client stories and thought-leadership, this process delivered a global outreach program that produced high-level connections across the Retail, FMCG and Technology sectors.

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