Positioning a regional marketing agency.

With countless ‘full service’ agencies targeting the same prospects with similar services, true differentiation has become essential in today’s design & marketing industries. Recognising this, Manchester-based Foundry Communications looked to inhabit and grow their own business through a more specialist proposition.

Our role has been to support this transition, across agency language, content, targeting, sales messages and everything in between, including the re-calibration of their broader offers previously positioned as two distinct agency divisions (Foundry Comms and Foundry Healthcare) and creating one, symbiotic proposition.

The new Health, Wellbeing, Vitality & GFP’s offer enables the agency to target the ever-shifting consumer healthcare landscape more effectively. One in which the lines between brand, shopper, patient, family and Health Care Professional are increasingly blurred, disrupted by new consumer trends, innovation, technology and regulation.

The process also aligns to a clearer targeting strategy to engage more prospects who truly reflect the agency’s own passion and values; these being to do business with and work alongside those who exist to make a genuine and positive difference to people’s lives.

Further supported by the management of far-reaching sales campaigns, this is an ongoing, immersive and powerful partnership that continues to evolve as we listen, learn and adapt in line with changing market conditions, new findings and internal capability.

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