Growing an events industry brand.

In a market where the term “mobile bar” conjures up images of retro cocktail vans, Pubs on Wheels have a standout offer, delivering on a vast commercial scale. Their beautifully-converted army trucks can be taken anywhere, offering a fully-functioning, premium drinking environment, regardless of the weather or terrain.

The brief was to develop a consistent volume of high-value leads and opportunities, in line with long-term stakeholder objectives to grow and sell the business. To do so, we needed to identify key, untapped prospect segments and create an evolved style of commercial message to better engage them.

Our strategy was to develop opportunities for fully-branded partnerships under formalised, retainer-based pricing models, leveraging their successful and long-term partnership with clothing brand Jack Wills and their bespoke-built PoW vehicle, the The Mucky Pheasant.

We therefore developed the company’s sales proposition from one that appealed largely to single event and “black book” private party customers, to one that could compete at this higher-value, corporate level, giving us the clear capacity for forecastable, long-range planning.

A new asset library including photography to communicate the newly refined offer was then developed, supporting a high-volume sales campaign that delivered and reported consistently.

This succeeded in presenting PoW as a high-end, experiential events solution, able to secure maximum brand engagement and commercial return for its customers, driving new sales into the business.

Through their very practical approach our business is achieving the levels of sales performance we were previously unable to access.

David Watt, Founder, Pubs on Wheels.

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