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The Zero-tolerance Unemployment Program



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     More Citizens Working Means Minimized Unemployment Bill
     Which Means More Economic Prosperity For Your Nation ...


Getting Your Nation Working!

Welcome To The Amazing Project ZUP ...
Empowering Nations Through Profound Innovation!


Welcome Wise Proactive National Leader ...


Please click here to study our terms of service, and please do not proceed unless you accpet them and accept full and total resposibility for your actions and results with your use of this and any other program ... Thanks!


My name is Valerie J. Elly - founder of a very special web service to empower families and kids around the world called WEPINET.COM.

And my VISION with is to empower a BILLION Kids around the world over the next few decades ...

And with your precious help and support I will achieve this very important dream.

But do remember that by helping WEPINET.COM to empower your nation's kids and families, you are in fact helping your own nation to secure a more prosperous future for your nation and precious people.

This special TheZUP.Com web service is specifically developed to help nations and their governments to build a more powerful and more effective social and economic platform on which to deliver a superior life for their people.

By empowering governments we also empower families and kids, and therefore we also empower all nations by default ... do you agree?

Project ZUP is on its way because we are currently building the program, so please do be patient, because I guarantee that it will profoundly change your nation and your people forever and allow you to more effectively achieve your nation's social economic goals.

Valerie J. Elly


Special Note

PROJECT ZUP is the simplest and most powerful program to empower the unemployed to help them to more effectively secure a new job or dream career that they desire for themselves ...

It is a very special global
empowerment program

Its main purpose is to help all
proactive nations and their
wise governments around the world to more effectively and economically address their unemployment problems.

In the ruthless digital online
eCommerce dominated world we now live in, where change is ruthless, swift, unforgiving and perpetual,
Project ZUP may just be what your government and nation is looking for to help to empower your nation's precious unemployed citizens to secure a more balanced, more prosperous and a more dignified futur for their families...

And to secure a more robust
more effective and a more joyous economic and social platform
to achieve long term prosperity and security for your precious NATION ...

Valerie J. Elly
Founder of WEPINET.COM

Career Quotes

You are never given a
wish without also being
given the power to make
it true. But you will have
to work for it ...
Richard Bach

Discover your divinity,
find your unique talent,
serve humanity with it,
and you can generate all
the wealth that you want ...
Deepak Chopra

The greatest good you can
do for another is not just to
share you riches, but to
reveal to him his own ...
Benjamin Disraeli

Comfort imprisons more
people than prison bars do ...
Richard Eyre

The great tragedy of life is
not death, but what dies
inside us while we live ...
Norman Cousins